About Us

The José Iturbi Foundation was created in 1985 by Marion Seabury and Donelle Dadigan. This not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization was founded in memory of concert great, José Iturbi.

The Foundation is dedicated to continuing the legacy of José Iturbi, to fulfill his wish to make classical music accessible and enjoyable to people of all ages and walks of life, and to fulfill his desire of bringing to the public’s attention today’s greatest emerging talents and prize-winning musicians.

The José Iturbi Foundation has fulfilled his mission by sponsoring blockbuster concerts, holding international musical competitions, and showcasing professional classical music artists in the making.



Marion Seabury and José Iturbi enjoying a quiet moment in Ciro’s Restaurant, Mexico City, during his 1948 concert tour. Iturbi, a national favorite, enjoyed performing in dual capacity as piano soloist and conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico throughout the country. Long lines were the norm for Iturbi's concerts and they were typically sold out; Iturbi always made room for an overflow of 100 + additional seats to be placed last-minute on the stage and filled by his devoted fans in all of his concerts!

Accomplishments of the José Iturbi Foundation:

  • Since the 1990's, The José Iturbi Foundation has sponsored the José Iturbi Gold Medal Series dedicated to presenting classical artists in the world class, state-of-the-art Southern California venue, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, , and in other local venues.

  • The José Iturbi Foundation has started the painstaking process to preserve and restore the original master recordings of José Iturbi and his sister, concert pianist Amparo Iturbi. The José Iturbi Foundation has started to re-release restored and digitally enhanced original mid-century recordings of José and Amparo Iturbi on CD. To date, three full-length CDs have been produced.

  • UCLA - José Iturbi International Music Competition – June 2007 to June 2010. The foundation's goal is to globally expand the passion for classical music through dynamic competition and compelling live performance. The foundation gave away more than $870,000 in prize money to the winners of the José Iturbi International Music Competitions. The competition distinguished itself with giving the largest cash prize for first place winners for piano and voice in the world!

Mission Statement:

The Foundation recognizes as our mission statement the following quote from our namesake José Iturbi in 1950:

"I feel that classical music should be a more recognizable part of everyone’s
entertainment. It has been my hope that through live concerts, motion pictures, recordings, international competitions, and interesting public forums, a larger group of people will learn to love classical music and attend live concert performances."

- José Iturbi, Beverly Hills,California,1950

Through out his long career, José Iturbi concertized to adoring fans and sold-out audiences in every corner of the world. It was commonplace at Iturbi’s concerts for the overfl ow audience to be seated on stage. Th is remained his standard from the 1920’s and for the next fi ve decades thru the 1970’s! Excitement and fans always accompanied Iturbi on his concert tours!